A home uses 8 gallons of oil each day for heat. If its oil storage tank is filled to 275 gallons, the function y ο€½ 275 ο€­ 8x represents the number of gallons remaining in the tank after x days of use. Explain what the x-intercept represents. Then determine when the tank would be

Accepted Solution

Answer:17 daysStep-by-step explanation:+y+=+275+-+8x+The x-intercept is the point ( x,0 )Since y=0 at the x-intertcept, thisis the point where the remaining gallonsof oil in the tank = 0, and the valueof x will be the number of days touse up all 275 gallonsThe tank will be half full when the remaininggallons = +275%2F2, so I can say:275%2F2=275+8xMultiply both sides by 2275+=550+16x16x=550+27516x=275x=17.1875The tank will be half full during the 17th day