A young sumo wrestler decided to go on a special high-protein diet to gain weight rapidly. After 11 months, he weighed 140 kilograms. He gained weight at a rate of 5.5, point, 5 kilograms per month.Let y represent the sumo wrestler's weight (in kilograms) after x months.Complete the equation for the relationship between the weight and number of months.

Accepted Solution

Answer:y = 79.5 + 5.5xStep-by-step explanation:If the weight of the young sumo wrestler is increasing at the rate of 5.5 kg per month.  Then the weight should increase in 11 months by (11 × 5.5) = 60.5 kg. But his weight after 11 months was 140 kg. Therefore, initially his weight was (140 - 60.5) = 79.5 kg. So, the equation where y represents the weight of the sumo wrestler in kg after x months from the start of the diet will be  y = 79.5 + 5.5x (Answer)