It took Ellen 4.5 hours to drive to her​ mother's house on Wednesday morning. On her return trip on Thursday ​night, traffic was​ heavier, so the trip took her 5 hours. Her average speed on Thursday was 4 mph slower than on Wednesday. What was her average speed on Thursday​?

Accepted Solution

Answer:36 mph was her average speed on ThursdayStep-by-step explanation:Data:Wednesdaytime= 4.5 hoursrate = xThursdaytime= 5 hoursrate = 4 mph slower than on Wednesday = x-4SolutionWe know that distance= (rate)(time)So the distante on Monday is 4.5x and the distance onWednesday is 5(x-4)As we know she drove the same distance so we have that4.5x=5(x-4)4.5x=5x-204.5x-5x=-20-.05x=-20x=40Hence 40-4=36 mph