Please help ASAP!!!The price of the radio changes from $40.00 to $44.00.A. 10% decreaseB. 10% increase ***C. 36.4% decreaseD. 40% increaseThe price of an oven changes from 450 to 396A. 13.6%increaseB. 13.6% decreaseC. 12% increaseD. 12% decrease ***The top players average changes from 20 points per game to 24 points per gameA. 20% increase ***B. 20%decreaseC.16.7% increaseD. 4% decreaseAt the start of the football season, Jorge weighed 150 pounds. At the end of the season, he weighed 138 pounds. What was the percent change in his weight?A. 8% increaseB.12% increase C. 8.7% decreaseD. 8% decrease ***Sara raised her score on the math test from 86 to 94. Max changes his score on the test from 77 to 85. Who had the greater percent change?A. They both had the same percent change. ***B. Max’s percent was about 1.1% more than Sara’s.C. Sara’s percent increase was about 10% more than Max’sD. Max’s percent increase was about 105 more than Sara’s Please chack my answers ***= My answer

Accepted Solution

Answer:1)b2)d3)a4)d5)ayour answers are correctStep-by-step explanation: