PLEASE HELP me!! will give brainliest!! (:Is the given linear expression a factor of the polynomial? Show your work. f(x)=x^3-4x^2-7x+10; x-5Thanks so much! (:

Accepted Solution

Answer:The answer to your question is: Yes, x - 5  is a factor of the polynomial.Step-by-step explanation:To answer this question you need  to divide the polynomial by the factor and if there is nothing left, they are factor.                                                  x³ -4x² -7x +10                                       x -5                                                    x²  + x -2               x-5      x³ -4x² -7x +10                         -x³ + 5x²                                x²  - 7x                              -x²   + 5x                                       -2x + 10                                       +2x -10                                          0     0       These zeros tell us that the linear                                                           expression is a factor of the polynomial