please help!!! Which sequence of transformations results in figures being similar but not congruent?A) reflection across x-axis, reflection across y-axis B) 180° clockwise rotation, translation 8 units up C) translation 3 units left, reflection across the x-axis D) reflection across the y-axis, dilation with a factor of 2

Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:What's the difference between similar and congruent?  Congruent means sides and angles are the same, though t can be facing different directions, while similar really just means angles are the same, and again can be facing different directions.  So to not be congruent but similar, they have to have the same angles ut different sizes.  Let's see which transformations change sizes but not angles.A) a reflection just changes the way it faces, so still congruent.B) rotation just changes how it faces, and translation just moves it, doesn't even change which way it faces.C) Same as A and B reflections and translations don't take away congruence.D) Reflection still doesn't, but a dilation  will change  the length of the sides.  it does leave the angles alone as well   So there's our answer.