Stephanie has 3 3/4 bags of soil to put in her garden. each bag of soil will cover 125.3 ft2. how many square feet will Stephanie be able to cover if she uses all these bags of soil?A. 469.875 ft squared B. 375.225 ft squared C. 407.225 ft squared D. 418.502 ft squared plz help

Accepted Solution

Since you have 3 bags, you should first take 3Γ—125.3 (you get 375.9) because one bag covers 125.3 and you have 3 bags. Then to find how much 3/4 of a bag covers take 125.3Γ·4 (you get 31.325) to see how much a fourth of the bag would cover, then take that number and times it by three (you get 93.975) then to get the total you do 93.975+375.9 and get 469.875, so the answer is A.