25 Divided by What Equals 4?

Accepted Solution


In order to answer the question "25 divided by what equals 4", we will use algebra. In algebra, an unknown number in a calculation is often represented by a variable, which in this case we will denote as 'x'. Hence, the algebraic expression of this problem is 25/x = 4.

Our goal is to solve this equation for 'x'. To do this, we need to isolate 'x' on one side of the equation. Here are the steps:

First, we multiply both sides of the equation by 'x', which results in the equation 25 = 4x.

Then we divide both sides by 4 to isolate 'x', giving us the equation x = 25/4

When we simplify the new equation, we solve for 'x' to get x = 6.25, rounded to three decimal places.

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\frac{25}{x} = 4 \tag{1}
25 = 4x \tag{2}
x = \frac{25}{4} \tag{3}
x = 6.250 \tag{4}