27 Divided by What Equals 58?

Accepted Solution

Let's solve the math problem: 27 divided by what equals 58? First, we interpret what "what" implies. In mathematical equations, such unknowns are generally denoted as "x". Hence, the problem is finding a number "x" that would, when 27 is divided by it, result in 58. We express this problem as the equation: \( \frac{27}{x} = 58 \) Now, we strive to solve for "x". We can do this by rearranging the equation such that "x" is alone on one side. This task can be achieved in two steps. First, we multiply both sides of the equation by "x", to segregate 27: 27 = 58*x Next, we isolate "x" on one side of the equation by dividing both sides by 58: \( \frac{27}{58} = x \) Upon simplifying the equation, we ascertain "x". For this example, we round off the value to three decimal places if needed: x = 0.466 If you wish to further hone your skills by solving similar division problems, consider the following: What divided by 69 equals 3? 1 divided by what equals 35? What is 12/13 divided by 22? What is 11/10 divided by 14/7? What is 85 divided by 2/1?