What Divided by 11 Equals 84?

Accepted Solution


Interpreting and solving a mathematical equation where you're asked to find "What number divided by 11 equals 84?" can seem confusing at first pass. But fear not! With a strategic approach and understanding of mathematical formulas, you can easily solve this problem.

Firstly, to make this problem easier to understand, consider the unknown values as variables represented by "x". So, the problem becomes: "What is the value of x divided by 11 equals 84?". Let's break this down mathematically using the LaTeX syntax:

-- Setup: \( \frac{x}{11} = 84 \)

-- Now, to solve for x, you can multiply both sides of the equation by 11: \( x = 84*11 \)

You will then get: \( x = 924 \)

To verify this, simply place 924 back into the original problem: \( \frac{924}{11} = 84 \)

One look at this equation and you'll see its accuracy. Therefore, x equals 924.

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These problems follow a similar structure. Practice solving them as often as you please. Happy problem-solving!