What is 1/7 Divided by 39?

Accepted Solution

How to Calculate the Division of a Fraction by a Whole Number

In this guide, we'll tackle the mathematical problem: what is 1/7 divided by 39? Let's break down the problem to understand it better. Here, the fraction 1/7 is your dividend while the number 39 is your divisor:

Numerator of the dividend: 1
Denominator of the dividend: 7
Whole number and divisor: 39

Let's go through the solution process to find the answer in both fraction and decimal forms-

1/7 divided by 39, explained in steps-

In LaTeX, the problem can be represented as: $\frac{1}{7} Γ· 39$.

Step 1: Begin by multiplying the denominator of the dividend (7) by the divisor (39). This can be represented as: $7 \times 39 = 273$.

Step 2: The product of this operation (273) becomes the denominator of the resultant fraction. So, our answer takes the form: $\frac{1}{273}$. As the numerator is 1, we won't convert it to decimal form, thus leaving it as is.

In conclusion, the result of 1 divided by 7/39 equals $\frac{1}{273}$.

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