What is 9/1 Divided by 10?

Accepted Solution

This section addresses the problem of calculating 9/1 divided by 10, providing step-by-step solutions both in decimal and fraction forms. The problem involves a few mathematical elements, breaking them down as: the dividend (9/1), the divisor (10), the numerator of the dividend (9) and the denominator of the dividend (1). The stepwise solution involves multiplying the whole number 10 by the denominator of the fraction (1), which results in 10. The resulting product becomes the denominator of the answer. Thus, our answer in fraction form becomes 10/9. This fraction converted to decimal form equals 1.12. 

In conclusion, 9 divided by 1/10 equals 1.12 in its decimal form, and its simplest fractional form is 10/9. 

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